MARCH 24–Synchronicities

Polish Hill, Pittsburgh
Polish Hill, Pittsburgh

Synchronicities—so many of them. Including the fact that Caitlin’s from-Maine boyfriend’s grandmother grew up in Pittsburgh. Today we discovered “Polish Hill,” where Andrew’s great-grandfather owned and operated a drugstore, right next to where that red awning is.

Caitlin’s great-grandfather in Massachusetts was also a druggist.

Our address in Boston is Staniford Street, #16.

Our address in Pittsburgh is Stanwix Street, #16.

The hospital here is bounded on one side by O’Hara Street and on another by Euler (the name of Caitlin’s doc at home, though with different spelling. Same pronunciation.)

The list goes on.

Today marks 11 months on the transplant list. Andrew has been away for a while, visiting his very beloved grandmother who fell and has been in and out of the hospital. Today we took a bunch of photos for her, and hope she’s doing better.

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One thought on “MARCH 24–Synchronicities

  1. I don’t want to miss a word!! Thanks so much for the updates. So much love to you all..

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