JANUARY 15–Down By the River Allegheny

Today marks one month since we arrived in Pittsburgh! It feels like we’ve been here a long time, but the days go by very quickly, too. Christmas was festive and pretty in the city, and we were so grateful to receive fun packages and cards and notes from our friends and family, and a wonderful New Year’s visit from my sister and her family.

Caitlin saw her pulmonologist yesterday. As far as her wait goes….her score is pretty high for her blood type and chest size, or so it seemed when he looked at the list. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that a donor will come any time soon, or that another person her size and blood type won’t get on the list and be ahead of her. It fluctuates day to day. But it’s pretty positive.

A friend’s nephew out in CA was transplanted in December (after waiting 2 years!) and is doing really well.

I also had the pleasure, the other day, of meeting with a friend I made when I was here last year. Her husband was transplanted last January and he just celebrated his first year! They are a lovely young couple who have been through so much, and I hope that 2015 treats them very well.

It’s been frigid here, so I haven’t been out taking photos the way I’d hoped to. Still, I strung together some silly iPhone moments from the past month and made the montage, above.

Having Henry around is great. He makes us laugh every single day. He will be 11 in two weeks and we still MARVEL at how puppin’ CUTE he is. His presence inspires us to compose wonderful songs.
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.30.15 AM
“You, me, and Henry, and Andy, and Nicky…. Down by the River Allegheny… Allegheny…”


Author: kittenupdates

I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

4 thoughts on “JANUARY 15–Down By the River Allegheny”

  1. Cute music pick, reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. Adorable and sweet!
    Wishing, praying and hoping for a healthy new year for all of you!!❤️
    Miss seeing your faces here.

  2. Great montage Maryanne! Your certainly embracing and making the best of your life in Pittsburgh. Our thoughts are with you all daily. Love to you all. Eileen & Padraig x

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