MARCH 6–Year to Year

Happy in Florida, 2012
Happy in Florida, 2012

I created this blog exactly one year ago this afternoon, which I realized when WordPress sent me a renewal bill. We were in Pittsburgh to complete the transplant evaluation. Caitlin had been sick all winter. Everything had changed, and we were preparing ourselves for even more change. I never would have really thought that a year later, we would still be waiting. But that is the reality of organ transplantation.

We like to keep the blog upbeat, so I don’t go into any real detail about what Caitlin goes through. In my last post, I referred to a difficult two-week stretch as some “not-great days.” Caitlin intensely dislikes drama of any kind, and does not like to call attention to her problems. But as we mark a year of this surreal time that is waiting for organ transplant, I’d like to toast my noble little bird.

She has been remarkably stoic her entire life. And I’ve been full of admiration, this past year, to see just how well she has coped with the kinds of issues we hope never to watch our children deal with.

I saw this quote by Maya Angelou the other day; it resonated with me:

Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid.

Here’s to Caitlin.



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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

8 thoughts on “MARCH 6–Year to Year”

  1. Your updates always touch my heart Maryanne and your so right Caitlin is an extremely courageous and stoic young woman and we pray daily that the call will come soon.
    I would also like to say what courageous, stoic and selfless parents Caitlin has standing at her side.
    With love as always Eileen & Padraig xxx

  2. Every single day I am thankful that each of my four children are well. From your point of view, you probably look at me and moan “oh, I wish…” and “you have no idea, Marcia, what I go through daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.” You would be correct, Maryanne. I do not have any idea, at all. However, as a mother, I do know the gut pain about it all. No, I cannot empathize because I do not live in your world with this and have not dealt with it personally. However, I can, and do, sympathize daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, with you.

    Sorry this is such a mess. I just got all choked up. Love to you all!!

  3. Beautiful sentiments, Maryanne.
    My God, Caitlin is the spitting image of you…she’s gorgeous.
    Prayers continue,


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