FEBRUARY 24–The Long Winter

At the Heinz History Center
At the Heinz History Center

“Any news yet?”  No, we are still playing the waiting game. Caitlin’s been on the list 10 months today.*  April 24-February 24!  And it feels longer, because it technically has been longer. A year ago today, February 24, we were getting ready for her to be flown from The Brigham to Pittsburgh, and I wrote in my diary: The trip to Pittsburgh begins.
So much was unknown then, and remains unknown.

The last few weeks were up and down because Caitlin caught a cold after months of stability. The cold passed, but she’s been dealing with the inevitable after-effects. There have been some not-so-great days, but right now, things are okay.

In that vein, here is a report on WHAT IS GOOD:


Puzzles! We are HOOKED on Liberty Puzzles, thanks to our dear friends, the Danforths, who sent us our first. Liberty Puzzles are beautiful, wooden, puzzles laser-cut into fantastical shapes.


Henry!  Yesterday Caitlin said, “Aren’t you happy he’s here? It’s like a great TV show that’s always on.”


Pittsburgh! I keep saying it, and it’s true: “Things could be a lot worse.” This is a nice city, with a lot going on.  I happened to stumble upon the opening of the above living art installation the other day. And on Sunday, Nick and I went on a “cello” hike, which consisted of a walk around the city that included tours of cultural venues, and ended with a private cello performance at the Capital Grille. After that, we had a glass of wine at a favorite little place. I usually have no problem playing it cool when I see a celeb, and there have been a lot around here because they are filming a movie, but it was hard to contain myself, I must admit, when right across from us, tucked into a corner, was Diane Keaton. She is just one cool cat. She’s one of Caitlin’s absolute favorites, and I wish Caitlin could have seen her.


Friends & Family!  It’s been great to have people here. My sister and niece were here, then Diane & Katie and baby Diego. People send notes and Florida grapefruits, and crafts and cookies and flowers, and prayers and overall kindness that we are overwhelmingly grateful for.


*It’s not uncommon to have to wait so long. Organ donations are not as plentiful as they could be, so please, if you agree that you’d like an organ if you desperately needed one, go on and register with the organ bank, if you haven’t already done so: http://www.organdonor.gov/index.html



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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

2 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 24–The Long Winter”

  1. It was good to hear that all continues to go smoothly, with the exception of Caitlin’s cold. Thank God that has passed. It’s great that you guys are enjoying Pittsburgh…looks like you’ve found lots to do, and your apartment is beautiful.
    I, too, would have freaked if I saw Diane Keaton. She has such a funky style, all her own.

    As always, you guys remain in my thoughts and prayers.


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