MAY 3 – One spark at a time

I asked some of Caitlin’s friends if they would want to write up a little something that I could put on my website. Here, Kenley describes Caitlin as only a lifelong best friend from childhood can.

Someone recently asked me how I thought Caitlin might feel about Little Matches being out in the world. I know how she would feel. Her face on a few thousand book covers? Her picture in a few million copies of People Magazine? The girl who wore short skirts to chapel would love all that, for sure. Even more, the soulful Caitlin would love the fact that I’m hearing from people who’ve “stayed up all night reading it” and who are feeling comforted and better about life because of it. It is my dearest wish that Little Matches will inspire readers to think deeply about life and purpose and what’s really important at the end of the day, and it seems it is doing just that.

Hundreds of new books flood this noisy world every Tuesday and Little Matches has been out for two weeks now. People Magazine is wonderful and I’m grateful for it, but a new issue will replace it any day. I REALLY need to spread the word about this book, so I’d be incredibly grateful if everyone who reads this post shared it with at least one other person who might benefit from reading Little Matches.

Events are still virtual and I’m happy to be able to do them, but it is strange to have no idea who is out there, and then to be sitting alone at my desk when they are done. Thanks to all who’ve tuned in so far, and let me know that they did. I will be talking with Jessica Keener at Belmont Books on Thursday night at 7pmET. Click right here to register and join us.

Here are the links to current articles – People mag, TIME mag, and LitHub

People Magazine Book of the Week, May 3, is Little Matches

TIME Magazine article I wrote about legacy work

The Salvific Power of Writing Through Terrible Grief – written by me for LitHub



No donation is too small to help Jess build The Caitlin O’Hara Community Health Clinic in Kenya. She now has 501c3 status and has partnered with Build Health International to design the clinic. She has purchased land adjacent to the current community resource center, conducted topography reports and structural engineering assessments and will break ground this month. Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard have signed on as strategic partners.

As a thank-you,I would love to send a bookplate that is signed by me and stamped with Caitlin’s “kitten” signature to anyone who would like to make a donation to this incredibly worthy cause. (You can email me at


The archival quality bookplate – goes anywhere you like inside the book

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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

2 thoughts on “MAY 3 – One spark at a time”

  1. Maryanne,
    What a gift! What a profound treasure you have written. I could see, hear, and feel Caitlin’s presence as I read and tearfully remembered the incredible eleven year old Caitlin as well as the sometimes sassy and determined fifteen year old that I knew. Caitlin’s ability to find life’s meaning and to grapple with her own destiny is inspiring. Because of Little Matches Caitlin’s memory is eternal. Your love is revealed on every page, in every poignant memory. I cried, I laughed (Steeler bumper sticker) and I believe that little matches exist.

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