OKAY! She is successfully off the heart-lung bypass machine, and transitioned back onto ECMO. This needed to happen, and happen as quickly as possible.

The dialysis will work to hopefully reduce the lactates in her liver.

Thank you to our blessed real-life angel Sinead. I woke her up in London after the surgeon dropped the frightening news on us. She tapped into Caitlin, and worked with her for fifteen minutes, told me what was going on with her body, told me what I could do myself. I was up in the chapel and when I came down the elevator, Nick, Andrew, and Jess were waiting to tell me of the success.

This is going to be a very bumpy road… we expected it and it’s here. The recovery is tough, but we are all here to help her through this.

We are still waiting in the waiting area. She is still critical. But….


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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

99 thoughts on “12/18–7:50pm”

  1. OMG. We are so thankful but know you all are in for a long ride for success. We all wiill continue to be with you with as much strength that we can give you from afar. Sending the white light and many prayers with much love
    Steve and Maggie

  2. Thank God again..can’t sleep watching and waiting for the updates…continued prayers and love and energy being sent. Xxxxxx

  3. I’m so grateful for everyone in your life. The fierce white light is saturating everyone and everything that is touching Caitlin. So many people are sending prayers and we are all grateful to be part of your family’s journey and life. Much love to you all and to the donor’s family.

  4. Hallelujah!!! There are angels among us! Who are these Angels? Caitlin’s mother and father, Andrew, Jess, her doctors and nurses, and many people far and wide who have a grace and a specialness that cannot be be understood. The most profound prayer one can say is “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Caitlin is one unique and precious spirit who is meant to be here.

  5. Maryanne, so many of us-friends and strangers and friends of strangers- are sending prayers and light. I see everyone and everything that touches Caitlin saturated in fierce white light–a fast stream of white light pouring in for healing and life. It is so very powerful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Love to you all and to the donor’s family.

  6. Oh my. This is amazing news!! I have been keeping Caitlin and the whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Praise God for that miracle. I’m happy for you Judy. I will continue my prayers for her and your family. It takes a lot of a person who’s doing the worrying. It’s in God’s hands. Have faith. Love you Judy Olm Graf

  8. Amazing news, Maryanne. We had a long talk about Caitlin over dinner tonight. You must be exhausted!



    Sent from my iPhone


  9. So glad all of our prayers were answered and Caitlin has working lungs. We are all continuing to pray just as hard as she begins her road to recovery. Xo

  10. I am thinking of your family and rooting for Caitlin. Though I only met her a few times, her effervescent spirit made an impact. I am so happy she is surrounded by loving family. So thrilled to hear the surgery is over and healing can begin. With hope and love.

  11. I tried to post this earlier but it wouldn’t upload, so I will try again.
    My heart swells with joy, knowing Caitlin is receiving new lungs. I want to share a story with you.

    Today, I went to the post office at South Station (Boston) to mail some Christmas gifts, last minute, like many others hoping to get presents delivered on time. It was mobbed when I entered and pulled a ticket from the number dispenser. The postal clerk announced that ticket #130 would be served at counter number 2. My number was 161.

    Sitting on top of the dispenser was ticket #131. I picked it up and offered it to a woman who looked exhausted, sitting on a bench against the wall. She lit up, accepted it, and offered her ticket, #147, to another woman sitting nearby. That woman said to me, “God Bless you. I’m going to pray for you.”

    I said, “Can you pray for Caitlin? She is having an operation right now, receiving new lungs from a donor.”

    The woman then offered her ticket, #157, to a gentleman who came into the post office after me, and said, “If you take this ticket, offer up a prayer for Caitlin. She is getting new lungs today.”

    In the nearly one hour that I waited my turn in line to complete my transaction, I witnessed this passing of a ticket among other customers, offering a lower number and shorter wait in line, each time, hearing them say, “Pray for Caitlin, she’s getting new lungs today.”

    It was beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring to watch all of these people of various skin tones–male and female– different ages and probably religions and beliefs, all pulling for Caitlin. It was amazing.
    Caitlin inspires even in her most vulnerable moments. Maryanne and Nick, you have brought an incredible person into this world who has touched countless lives. What a gift! We are all grateful to know the O’Hara family!

    Very Best wishes for continued health, peace and love. xoxo -Mo

    1. Thank you for sharing your story about kindness and prayers for Caitlin. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. We all need to do this more often and the world would become a beacon of hope and peace. Hope and prayers are sent to Caitlin for her recovery tonight.

  12. I am overcome with relief and joy. I know the road ahead is long and bumpy but what a leap we took today!

    Love to you all. Grateful to be a (tiny) part of this beautiful community and miracle. Grateful to know Caitlin.

  13. Words can’t explain how happy I am. You’ve all fought so hard, this is wonderful news. We’ll continue praying and she’ll continue fighting. Sending lots of love!

  14. This is the third best message I have read today. With all the love and prayers being showered upon Caitlin and those closest to her, she will get through this bumpy road with flying colors.

  15. The power of positive energy and prayer astounds me! I couldn’t be happier with this wonderful news, a true Christmas miracle! I cannot wait to see you all feeling better. I’m sure Henry will be so happy, too! Love and hugs to all!

  16. Thank you for sharing these amazing news. I want to hug and kiss you all so much ! Even Mariah Carey’s voice sounds sweet to me today;) I’ll stay tuned on radio Caitlin and keep sending high love frequency

  17. I am sooo thrilled for you all. I told you so….lol. God told me everything was going to be OK. I know I am a stranger, but I have been so “into” your story and concerned for Caitlin. Probably because her story is so much like mine was. Recovery is going to be tough, no secret there. But she is thru the worst part and she is tough. Again, congrats on the surgery. Stay positive and prayers and light going your way.

    Freda from Massachusetts

  18. Catlin is a one of the strongest girls i know. Must be that inner Boston in her… for the last 2 weeks since she crashed on me I have done nothing but pray and call my fellow RTs for updates. It’s always been a strong feeling of mine you never go see them in the ICU you always visit them the day of discharge. Cause they make it through the storm easier knowning friends are waiting. Today when you posted lungs were a go, I jumped for joy in the MICU.

    Thinking of you all, keep the faith and always remember that catlin is amazingly strong!

    Amanda, MICU Respiratory

  19. I just heard about Caitlin from my cousin Meaghan Cryan. I am so happy for all of you that she got her lungs today! I am a fellow CFer and got my new lungs 9 months ago and now feel amazing! I will be sending lots of prayers for her smooth recovery!

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