OKAY! She is successfully off the heart-lung bypass machine, and transitioned back onto ECMO. This needed to happen, and happen as quickly as possible.

The dialysis will work to hopefully reduce the lactates in her liver.

Thank you to our blessed real-life angel Sinead. I woke her up in London after the surgeon dropped the frightening news on us. She tapped into Caitlin, and worked with her for fifteen minutes, told me what was going on with her body, told me what I could do myself. I was up in the chapel and when I came down the elevator, Nick, Andrew, and Jess were waiting to tell me of the success.

This is going to be a very bumpy road… we expected it and it’s here. The recovery is tough, but we are all here to help her through this.

We are still waiting in the waiting area. She is still critical. But….


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99 thoughts on “12/18–7:50pm

    1. It is the season. ‘Christmas my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.’ Thinking and praying for all of you. Judy and Tony

  1. Oh, thank heavens!!! Tears of relief, and continued prayers, love and light on their way to your brave girl. What an incredibly long day for all of you. Holding you all in my heart. Xox Beecher

  2. So wonderful! I’m living from post to post, always hoping for the best news. Caitlin is so strong. As are all of you.

  3. Such wonderful news indeed. I am so happy for you all as I have been thinking of Caitlin all day. I know there is a long road ahead but this is still great news.

  4. I am so happy for Caitlin!!!! Will co to us to pray for her and to ask my friends and family to do so until she is 100% back to good health!!!!!!❀️

  5. Oh my god!!! You people are saints.. Love you and sweet , sweet Caitlin.. Fight with all you have..

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. I am so thrilled. I have been with you all day and sent every once of energy I had to Caitlin. And I will continue as long as she needs it. Love to you all.

  7. Hanging on every word and post. We are all so happy for Caitlin, for you all. Yes it’s a long and bumpy road – but Caitlin has faced tremendous obstacles with grace and beauty and maturity, with you all, her bedside angels,
    right there every step of the way. Please give her a giant kiss when she wakes.

    And realizes she has been transplanted – tell her how much we all love her and you.

    Love and light xo

  8. God bless you all and the medical staff at UPMC!!! Keep fighting Caitlin! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»

  9. Tears of joy and happiness! Thank God for prayers answered. We are waiting for and hanging onto every new update. We will continue to pray for Caitlin’s recovery now.
    So overjoyed for the O’Hara family. As Caitlin will breath easier now; finally…….so can you.

  10. I have never heard such wonderful news. What a blessing that you have so many amazing people in your lives supporting and praying for you. Continued prayers for strength for her road to recovery

  11. Feeling relief and joy for your being at this place… will be keeping watch with you and sending healing thoughts and energy vibes to each of you, as you move down this side of the journey.

  12. Thank the Good Lord! Our ferocious prayers are with you all during these hours and days of recovery!! What an amazing gift of life!

  13. We are so happy to hear this good news. Sending our love and positive thoughts for a less bumpy recovery.

    All our love,
    Alexandra, Zach and Benjamin

  14. Praying here! I come from a family of 3 miracles – long stories – but prayers, especially group prayers, can be be very powerful.

  15. You’re a power team with Caitlin at the helm. Sending our prayers with might for a strong recovery. Love you guys.

  16. We thought about Caitlin all day and exchanged several texts keeping each other up to date. Great news and she is still in our thoughts

  17. What great news! We’ve been praying and sending good vibes and will continue to do so as long as it takes! Melissa and family

  18. Morgan’s Army of Prayer Warriors are Praying foryou Caitlin… The power of prayer is an amazing thing. Keep fighting!

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