DECEMBER 19–Still in OR

It’s past midnight, and all are still working on Caitlin, and that is still happening in the OR.  We haven’t had an update in well over two hours when one of the surgeons reported that they were trying to stop the bleeding in her chest wall. They were thinking that it was her liver causing that.

That’s all I know.



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6 thoughts on “DECEMBER 19–Still in OR”

  1. Came across Caitlin’s story on facebook while “studying” for my nursing finals. I have been reading your blog for the last 45 minutes, waiting for another update. Prayers are with you and your family but especially Caitlin. Know that so many hearts are with you all as Caitlin takes on her transplant surgery this evening. Prayers and positive vibes your way!

  2. Life so delicate
    Know we are with you
    As prayers for all surrounding Caitlin
    And a stability within with a peaceful
    Calm allowing the miracle continues
    With the deepest of loving strength
    And a trust in her guardian angel

    Prayers through out the night from California
    Lyn Thoma (friend of Cathy Dirlam)

  3. Prayers continue for Caitlin, you, Nick, and the amazing surgical team.

    Sending peaceful, positive thoughts, and love.

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