JANUARY 24–9Lives, 9Months

Today marks 9 months on the transplant list, and almost 6 weeks here. The time goes by so quickly! These days are as much a part of our lives as any other part of life and so we do try not to live as if we are in limbo.

Transplant patients are urged to be as fit as possible, to help with recovery,  post-surgery. It’s remarkable (and a good reminder for all of us) to realize how much benefit can come from a minimum of of effort. We have a workout room in our apartment building and Caitlin has been going there every other day to do a little self-monitored cardio and weight-lifting. She’s seen some nice gains.


One thought on “JANUARY 24–9Lives, 9Months

  1. Maryanne,
    You guys certainly have a healthy attitude, which is a wonderful thing.
    Caitlin is a remarkable young woman!
    You all remain in my prayers,


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