July 19 – Look back and pick out one thing

Jess and I were looking through old writings to find one of Caitlin’s wise nuggets for a quote on a wall mural she’s creating in Kenya. I found this in an old email she wrote to me. It’s a good practice, and thought I’d share: “I always look back on each year and pick out one thing I learned.  Being able to self-reflect and change yourself…what a cool quality.”

Encouraging self-reflection is a big part of the talks that I give. Recently, I’ve had the chance to do some speaking in person, as opposed to Zoom events where I cannot see or sense the audience. The experience of seeing real people, and interacting with them, has been incredibly meaningful. Powerful. Virtual is handy, though, and I will be doing one more Zoom event this summer – tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20 at 7pm ET.

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July 20 7pm ET

Then, as I mentioned last time, I will be taking the rest of the summer to work on the novel I was getting close to completing while we were waiting for transplant. I’ve given myself an end-of-August deadline for this round. I am committed to finishing the novel and I plan to dedicate it to Caitlin’s memory. She is the only person who has read it at this point. I have her handwritten comments on a printed draft from October 2016 and I’m so grateful I had not thrown them out.


Thank you to everyone who has donated to Caitlin’s fund to buy copies of Little Matches for underserved communities. I currently have 100 books to donate. Once public schools are back in session, I will be reaching out to social-emotional counselors at schools where need is high and resources are low. THANK YOU. I did create a Donor-advised-fund. It’s Caitlin’s Legacy Fund and can accept donations. Email me for information. (maryanneoharaauthor@gmail.com)


On Sunday, July 31, Jess will be home from Kenya, briefly, and will present an immersive art experience at KNOWHERE ART GALLERY in Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, where her mom (artist Stephanie Danforth) shows her work. Thank you to Valerie Francis for opening her beautiful space to LEO. There will be a fundraiser from 4-6 and an open house art show from 4-8. If you’re on-island and would like to attend the fundraiser, email me: maryanneoharaauthor@gmail.com

Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard
Kitten Clinic as of last week. Opening soon!
We are so grateful to our generous donors who will soon be saving/changing lives!
Today is Nick’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nick! This photo, from a celebratory trip to Lake Erie on July 19, 2015

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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

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