DECEMBER 18–It’s a Go

Bottom line for all who are holding their breath:

At 8:30 am, Caitlin was taken to the OR. At 9:30, we got word that the blessed donor lungs are good and that surgery will begin as these lungs make their way to Caitlin. (It’s a carefully timed and choreographed surgical dance.)

This will be a long day, with few updates. It’s an extremely high risk surgery at this point, and we can only hold tight. This is usually a 12-hour or so surgery, but it can go for up to 20 hours, or even more.

I’ll update, during the day, with what I know and with little stories about how this all went down.

THANK YOU, ALL, for your prayers and love and light for our beloved Caitlin, and for the donor family and their holiday loss. I am holding them in my heart.summer-2012

The light in our lives.

–Maryanne, with Nick, Andrew, and Jess


66 thoughts on “DECEMBER 18–It’s a Go

  1. You don’t know me and it doesn’t matter. I am Joe LaRocca’s mom (and he said I could write something:) As a mom with a child with heart disease who had been listed for transplant at CHMC but is on reverse remodeling drugs and unlisted – as Joe says I’ve only been with him to the halftime show – I know your fear, exhaustion, patience, relief, anxiety, love, gratitude, vigilance, limbo feeling, and the certainty that you have done everything possible as a advocate and mother. You should know that you, your family and Caitlin are held in this cocoon of warm love by so many people who only know Caitlin tangentially. Prayers abound.

  2. No matter what God is in control and with you Caitlin! Praying for your comfort and strength!

  3. Being a Mom and an ex-OR nurse from MGH who worked on many transplants, my mind has been going from one side to the other of the doors to that OR suite bringing prayers, strength, peace and love to each and every person caring for and loving Caitlin. Your amazing parenting and her strength are what brought you to this point and are what will carry you all forward. Continued blessings on this journey. ox

  4. Since only recently learning about Caitlin’s journey through a prayer and healing network, I’ve held you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Just last night, I happened to see a friend and mentioned that he should ask his circle to pray for Caitlin. Amazingly, he said his cousin is married to a doctor who is in his 70’s and who just underwent lung replacement surgery at Duke University MC, only two weeks ago! His only setback was a fever. He seems to be doing very well!

    I see this incredible information being passed to me as a SIGN that Caitlin is capable of receiving the same life saving miracle.

    May her doctors be divinely guided and her body and spirit remain strong and ready to accept this gift of life.

    A Believer in the Miracle of Prayer,

  5. So happy to hear this. This fellow CF family from Mass. Is sending hope and good thoughts for a positive outcome!
    Don and Linda

  6. We are thinking of the blessed donor and their family and sending all our love and light to Caitlin and to those who love her. So many prayers and and so much strength coming to you all from everywhere. Nonstop. Keep swimming.
    – Root ‘n Ron

  7. My husband had a double lung transplant six years ago and is healthy as an ox – no rejection. Sending prayers and good luck!

  8. I am so happy to hear this. I remember Caitlyn from Fay School. I was the secretary to the Dean of Students, Mr. Gamble, and she was a sweet little lower schooler! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Our prayers are with the donor family and with Caitlin and her family!
    Sadness in my heart for the donor family however great happiness that
    Caitlin has a healthy new set of lungs!

  10. How nice to read as Caitlin’s story was on television the other day! Saying prayers for healing and recovery! Please come visit me at Whole Foods as you shared your story with me!! Go Team O’Hara!!!

  11. I am a total stranger but your story touched my heart. I too will add my prayers for a good and rapid recovery for Caitlin as well as comfort for her donor’s family. May be magic of Christmas be especially meaningful to you and your family this Christmas.

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