12/18 2:44 pm–Right Lung In, Perfect Fit

We got word that the lungs arrived safely to the OR at noon, and just recently got word that the right lung is already in. It was a perfect fit, with no trimming needed. This is what you hope for.

Her left lower lobe was removed when she was 11, so there is a lot of scar tissue on that side. That will be more of an issue, but it’s very very good news that the right lung went in so easily. I am overcome to know that our wonderful Caitlin now has a healthy lung inside of her! Google transplanted lungs and you will see what these people have been trying to live on for so long.

Thank you, thank you, dear donor and family.

A tribute to donors, along “the bridge.”

Late yesterday afternoon, I brought Jess over to the “bridge,” which connects Presby Hospital to Montefiore Hospital. It’s the prettiest part of the complex here, with lots of glass windows, and walls lined with photos of bridges across the world. (Pittsburgh is called the City of Bridges). It’s been hard for me to go over there these past ten days, because I associate it with Caitlin, but I wanted Jess to see it. We walked along and looked at all the photographs, and talked about Caitlin, and how brave she has always been. For example, in 2012, she packed all of her oxygen equipment and medicines into a suitcase almost as large as she was, and rented an apartment for two weeks, alone, in Paris. As hard as that was to do, she knew time was running out for her to do it at all. Indeed, 2013 was the year she finally crashed and began to use oxygen 24/7.

After crossing the bridge, Jess and I went into the Meditation Room/Chapel and sat quietly. I wrote a request in the Prayer Request book. Jess said, “Can I add something?”

“Of course,” I said.


She wrote, today.

Our friends MJ and Scott Hamilton told us about someone who is waiting for sainthood, but needs another miracle, so we added him, too. He died on Groundhog Day in 1921, and February 2 has always been an auspicious day for our family.

The surgeon’s call came at 10pm.


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29 thoughts on “12/18 2:44 pm–Right Lung In, Perfect Fit”

  1. We’re sending positive, healing thoughts, and prayers. Caitlin has (as my 15 year-old daughter says) “a squad” working for her on this side of things…

    Love to you all, Caitlin, Maryanne, Nick, Andrew, & Jess…
    Helen Petracchi & Elizabeth Merritt (my daughter)

  2. I haven’t stopped praying for Caitlin for a minute. And for all of you, Maryanne. I can only imagine how hard this has been for you. I’m so thrilled the first lung is in. Let this be the day the miracles merely begin. xo

  3. It’s amazing, the magic floating all around us. And I picture that OR right now just filled with light and magic, beamed from all corners of the earth.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write this update. Your Fay family is praying for you all, and for the donor’s family too.

  5. “Prayers for strength for the long day of waiting and the 2.5 years of waiting…the surgeons hands guided by
    God and the physician on the floor that has been caring for Caitlin are the true miracle-workers. I am praying for Caitlin who has endured so much to be given a 2nd birth and life with new lungs. I am also praying for the donor family to find some consolation in their grief that Caitlin will be given the miracle of life through their loss. My friends and I are praying relentlessly in Pittsburgh!!!”πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  6. For two and a half years I am thinking lungs transplant please God lungs for Caitlin transplant today please please transplant lungs please….
    Today, it hits me: THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!! This is an amazing thing that is happening! How wonderful that this is even possible! ❀

  7. God is good!

    Lots of love and prayers for the entire family. Caitlin is a fighter and a winner. My heart is thrilled and filled with hope and faith.
    I am a mother of two kids and can’t stop thinking how strong you all were. God bless you all ! πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  8. The hands of the surgeons are the hands of God bringing new life for Caitlin. So amazing to think that Caitlin has a healthy lung. Prayers and light for a smooth second procedure. Sending love.

  9. This will go down as a day to remember and be grateful. Praying that the second part of the procedure goes smoothly. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. just wanted to say that these updates you are offering are so very appreciated, Maryanne! Praying like crazy and filled with great hope! What a great inspiration to all of us your beautiful Caitlin is.

    and Thank you, dear donor. Our prayers of gratitude continue, too.

  11. Doug and I are so happy to hear this. We’re pulling for Caitlin and the surgeons and you and Nick – I know a bit about how hard this is on those who wait and watch and be there to nurture.

  12. Such good news!!! Still keeping my candles lit and hoping all continues to go well for Caitlin. Thank you much for your updates. πŸ™β€οΈ

  13. A miracle! Praying for Caitlin to stay strong, as well as the surgeons and their amazing determination and skill, and holding the donor’s spirit and family in our hearts. We are truly all connected. Thanks for the updates–I know there will be more good news.

  14. So happy to hear Caitlin got her lungs! She sounds a lot like our son who got his be lungs in 2010 at 9. He also had a left lower lobectomy years prior to transplant and had a lot of scar tissue which made surgery more complicated and has caused issues with his left diaphragm post transplant. He is 4’10” and likely done growing now at 15 so I always worry about chronic rejection and if he would need new lungs (because of his size; at 9 he got a small 6 yr old’s lungs) We are at Childrens Pittsburgh (but live on the complete other side of PA). Praying for Caitlin and for your family.
    FB page Love+Lungs=Life for Luke

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