DECEMBER 22—Keeping Her Alive

Keeping Kitten Caitlin alive, the way museums do.

Caitlin was, honestly, a bit of an art history genius. She found her calling in an AP Art History class at St. Mark’s School —-looking at slides in the dark, there was nothing better, she always said.  At BC, she received the Art History award, and graduated magna cum laude. She would have loved to have gone on to further study in New York or London or Paris, but her health had already started restricting her.

Here she is, immortalized in Pittsburgh, earlier this summer, at the Andy Warhol Museum. I love how she takes off her oxygen at 3:47.

Author: kittenupdates

I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

17 thoughts on “DECEMBER 22—Keeping Her Alive”

  1. Dear Maryanne,
    Thank you for continuing to share all these wonderful things about your daughter. What a beautiful video of her. She was indeed special in every sense of the word. I have thought about and prayed about Caitlin, you and Nick constantly even during the night. I hope you received my text message yesterday. I do care very much. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for knowing your daughter through you. I’m thankful you came into my life in Pittsburgh and I have learned so much from you and about Caitlin-experiences, memories, relationships-perseverance-tenacity-courage-love. I know where Catlin received these virtues from Nick and you. I’m thankful and grateful to be a witness to Caitlin’s and your courage and bravery and strength. You both are teachers. No parent should have to go through this. Thoughts, Prayers and Hugs are sent to you. Nanci

  2. So here’s my first challenge: Sitting still for three minutes! Yet, I find myself sitting still for many more gazing at Caitlin. I love that “Andy” said “I only wanted to find great people and let them be themselves.” Caitlin being herself is a masterpiece that captured the experience of living. Knowing her challenges, the story that runs behind the scene is so powerful. She is simply amazing;l truly GREAT people. I know I too will stop by and find her in this screen shot again so to feel her near. Know our family’s prayers are constant and our sadness is in search of comfort. We truly wish we could find you comfort too. Love, The Waites

  3. Caitlin O’Hara ~~ Such a beautiful young woman. This video is a treasure to revisit again and again. Thanks for sharing this.
    Caitlin remains in my thoughts and prayers, as do you, Maryanne and Nick.
    My heart is broken.

  4. I woke up this morning feeling nausea for your earthly loss of Caitlin. Impulsively I came to your blog to ask you to keep writing because that is your gift of remembrance not just about Caitlin but all that you will continue to see, hear and feel on the bounded earth. And there was her face on the screen. Love.

  5. This is pure art, she is silent but expresses so much. Rest well… free of your earthly burdens sweet baby and fly free with the other angels <3. Your legacy will live on as a shining example to me and so many!

  6. Maryanne thank you for the beautiful video of this luminous soul who changed my life and is changing it still. I am looking forward to celebrating Caitlin with you and the countless people who love her. I am also very much looking forward to celebrating you as a mother, who I saw up close in action. Anyone who gets close to such fierce devotion and courage is very lucky. you are on my mind constantly these past few days and I try to send you light and love especially at night and first thing in the morning. Love to Nick, Andrew and Jess, too

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