DECEMBER 9–‘The Sickest Person in the United States’

Caitlin just got out of the OR again, where the head lung transplant surgeon here at UPMC Pittsburgh, Dr. John D’Cunha, inserted a trach. It gets the breathing tube out of her mouth, makes her a lot more comfortable, and helps her oxygen saturation.

He came in to tell us that all had gone well and that she was already in better overall condition because of it. He said, ‘I’ll feel a lot better when this one’s transplanted, though.’

Nick asked, ‘Anything?’

‘No,’ he said. We both felt that awful desperation that is forced to mix with patience. But the doctor went on, ‘But I have a good feeling about this weekend.’

And hope came back.

‘She’s the sickest person in the United States,’ he said. ‘She’s the sickest person who needs a lung transplant in the United States. You can quote me.’

Yesterday was my darkest day. But she pulled through and let me tell you that I can feel the outpouring of love and caring coming at us from everywhere. It’s palpable. While I was helping her relax before the trip to the OR, I put my hand on her chest. The energy coming through was like a magnet.

Thank you.

We are grateful to anyone out there who would consider the gift of a direct donation of life during a time of grief, as Nick’s family did when his brother, at age 29, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm.

Caitlin O’Hara is 5β€² 2 with a blood type of O+ and is on life support at UPMC, Pittsburgh.

–Maryanne, with Nickscreen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-31-36-pm

58 thoughts on “DECEMBER 9–‘The Sickest Person in the United States’

  1. Oh Maryann I am sending the most positive vibes I can to you, Nick, and Caitlin. πŸ™It will be a Christmas miracle, I just know it. 😘

  2. I read this, ache for you, wish I could do something beside hope each day, that Caitlin hangs in, that a perfect transplant arrives, and that afterwards, it is all healing. You do have a community of loved ones and near strangers, as I am, rooting for you all. Jane

  3. Love! We have a good feeling about what the doctor said. We have shared your earlier post which outlined the direct transplant options and asked friends to share this information. Our thoughts are with you all.

  4. God bless you caitlin you are in our prayers every day and night candles are lighting to our blessed lady.πŸ’— from us all in sending you all our love.

  5. This brought many tears. I am simply living now for the moment you write that her lungs have arrived and she is in the OR.

    Sending calm and confidence and unwavering hope.

  6. I have asked many friends and family to send positive energy and prayers from any religion
    to Caitlin. She is such a strong person and is fighting so hard. Our thoughts are with all of you. Praying for a miracle soon!

  7. Maryanne and Nick: you are doing an incredible job with our beloved Caitlin. Stay strong for all of us.

    Thank you for keeping us informed and know that our hearts are there with you.

  8. I know seeing Caitlin with a tracheostomy might be scary but it will be more comfortable for her. My prayers continue for all of you. I too am feeling hopeful.

  9. It will happen, I dreamt of it all last night. I mean, all night. It was strange. Like an omen. As an 0 neg, 5’3″ woman, I felt it, for her. They won’t be my lungs but there will be lungs for her…I just know.

  10. What a fighter Caitlin is…an inspiration to everyone. She has so much to live for and is surrounded by so much love that she has no intention of giving up! Prayers, positive thoughts and love from us all.
    Eileen & Padriag xx

  11. Sending my deepest prayers, vibes and love to Caitlin and your family. She is a fighter!
    Lauren (cousin of Elizabeth Phelan)

  12. There is an ever widening circle of people praying for Caitlin as we all share her story with friends to join her prayer chain. Caitlin may be the sickest person in the United States but she is also the most loved. Her fighting spirit is so strong. I am full of hope and thinking of you all. Sending love and prayers. Give my love to Caitlin.

  13. Sending the strongest love possible to you all. I can feel the positive energy from here.❀️

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. My precious granddaughter, in this most beautiful time of year, this season of miracles, I pray for my Caitlin’s miracle from God. I know it will happen! I believe it!

  15. Continuing to lift all of you up to the One who is our Healer. May each of you know and feel
    His grace and presence in new ways. Praying for Him to part waters and to give you all strength for this battle. Hold on and know that you are all so precious. Love and peace to all of you. Xo

  16. Does it matter that today I was thinking,as I was driving, if something bad happens to me, please God, allow me to live long enough tell those who matter to give my lungs to Caitlin…oh please know how I pray for you all.

  17. My precious Caitlen, I am praying you up.
    Nick & Maryanne you are both on my heart, know I love you so very much and
    I AM A REGISTERED ORGAN DONATOR in SC, 0+ blood type. XO Reggie

  18. I am hanging on your every post and hoping and praying to hear the news that Caitlin is in the OR getting her new lungs soon. Thank you for taking the time in what I know is the most stressful of times for you to keep us all with you. XO

  19. Catherine shared Caitlin’s status. We hope for new lungs for her. Our love and prayers are with her and your whole family.

  20. Hello my name is Dana Francis my family was touched by your husband’s love, perseverance, and dedication on finding lungs for Catlin. My father in law sadly passed away this morning at the hospital. I told my mother in law of the desperate need to find lungs for Catlin. We got the call this morning that my father in law’s blood pressure was failing and he wasn’t coming back. My mother in law asked the doctor if Catlin could have his lungs. Unfortunately his lungs were damaged from being on vent and organs shutting down. I am sorry we could not help your daughter but I will continue to pray that she gets her lungs soon. Giving life to another person is a wonderful gift. God bless you and your family .

  21. Maryann ive known u and Caitlin for many years now and shes one of the strongest ppl ive seen fighting a battle like this! I pray everyday that God continues to see her thru and give her that miracle that she needs and has needed for a long time. Thinking of u, caitlin and all of your family and sending prayers&hugs!!! Stay strong #caitlinstrong

  22. Dear Maryanne and NicK

    Sending prayers and love to Caitlin, she will pull thru this.
    We are praying for a donor, please keep hope and faith in the meantime. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    Nicolina Sabatini.

  23. Although I do not know Caitlin, I feel as though I do. Her story is so sobering to the deadly sickness of CF. I pray for you today as you go in for your lung transplant. Love to all of you. Susan and John Merck

  24. Ferocious White Light white light beaming onto Caitlin’s chest and the new lungs that are destined for her. White white intense white light filling her room and surrounding every person who is caring for her. Love to you all.

  25. Caitlin, Maryanne, & Nick: Your Bavaro cousins Michelle & I and your Aunt Joanne
    are thinking of & praying for you. Thank you for your posts, Mare, and know that we are
    here for you always!

    XO M.E.

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