DECEMBER 9–Currently Stable

Yesterday I wrote, “Now it is absolutely essential that she get back to a stable place, so she can receive another offer.”

It’s early morning on Friday as I write this, and I am happy to report that with the help of her fantastic team here, she did reach a tentatively stable place, finally, yesterday, and sustained it through her first uninterrupted night’s sleep since last Thursday, a full week ago.

I’m praying that today brings continued stability and an offer of lungs.

Life support machines are miraculous, but they’re not perfect, and there is a fine balance at play. Various factors–oxygenation, flow rates, coagulation, etc., are constantly monitored and fine-tuned, but it’s not possible to duplicate the miracle that is the human body’s maintenance of health, especially when one major organ has failed and another has been harmed by the other’s failure ( Caitlin’s heart).

–Maryanne, with Nick




Author: kittenupdates

I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

12 thoughts on “DECEMBER 9–Currently Stable”

  1. So so happy to hear for stability. ECMO is an amazing modern life saving invention. 💜 Hoping Caitlin stays this way until the call comes.
    Love to you all!

  2. What wonderful news Maryanne! Nick described Caitlin as a warrior and never a truer word spoken. With Caitlin’s determination, her amazing dedicated parents and the wonderful team at the hospital I believe she will get through this. Our whole family and our friends are praying continually and sending love with this message. Eileen & Padraig xx

  3. So relieved to hear that she’s stable, and what a blessing to finally get a full night of sleep. Praying for you all the time, Caitlin, and staying fiercely positive because I know how strong you are. Thank you, Maryanne, for keeping us updated during such a difficult time. Praying for peace for you and Nick as well.

  4. Hooray for SLEEP!!! So critical for healing, yet so difficult to achieve in the hospital setting. Thank you so much for updating! This little piece of good news is heartening! ❤️

  5. So happy to hear positive news about Caitlin
    My prayers continue for you and your family
    Please try to take care of yourself during this most challenging and stressful time
    Ann Marie

  6. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with Caitlin….she is so much on my mind and I am so glad to know that she has had a good night’s sleep and is in a stable place now. We too pray for an offer of healthy lungs soon! Anne and Walter

  7. Nick and Maryanne
    I write to you having first hand knowledge of the power of prayer. I feel your pain and know well the feeling of helplesness. Hold onto the faith that guides you, the love that supports you and don’t for a minute let that helpless feeling overpower hopefulness. Donna and I will continue our prayers for Caitlin.

  8. Maryanne, you and Caitlin and all of your closest people are in my thoughts and prayers at every moment. My sister, Patty, I know has subscribed so she can stay updated also. Patty’s daughter, my niece, Ali has CF and I have seen her go through troublesome episodes repeatedly for years. But only when she was an infant did she have to undergo such horrifying and critical medical treatment and procedures. Life can be so unfair and my heart hurts when I think how desperately Caitlin and you and all of yours do not deserve such terrible suffering. I have been asking my God and the universe to send miracles your way in a continual silent conversation. My strongest prayers and most ferocious positive vibes go out to you all.

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