MAY 5 — Update

Well, the purpose of this blog is to keep friends and family updated about Caitlin’s health/transplant. We were lucky she’s been so stable for so many months, but she has had a rough week+, and since I know a lot of you would like to keep her in your thoughts during her trying times, I thought I’d let you know what’s what.

Her heart has some issues, like supraventricular tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and now, pulmonary hypertension that has worsened as the lungs worsened. Episodes have been managed with the right dose of beta-blocker, but about ten days ago, she started having issues. Long story short–a trip to the ER on a Saturday night ended up in a 4-night stay as everyone worked to adjust her dose and get it under control.

She came home last Wednesday and seemed well. But by Thursday she was looking anemic, listless; it was hard to cough and clear her lungs. She was in overall pain. Her sister-friend Katie visited for 2 nights, and was so wonderful and loving and helpful. By Sunday our Kitten was a bit better, although starting to feel new pain in her lung.

We were getting ready to watch MadMen when an evacuation alarm went off in the building here. She had to climb down 10 flights of stairs. (There was no emergency.) It took everything she had, and took away the gains. There was a marathon in Pittsburgh on Sunday, and I would bet that no one post-marathon felt worse than Caitlin did post those 10 flights. She said she felt like her legs had gone through a meat grinder. The pain in the lung worsened and kept her awake all night.

Yesterday at noon, we returned to the ER for fluids, x-ray, CT scan. Last night she was re-admitted to start a course of IV meds, and re-evaluate the heart, which hadn’t completely settled down on its new dose of beta-blocker.

This morning, she reported that the lung pain had eased a bit. They are putting a PICC line in (a long-lasting IV line) at the moment.  We’ll see how today goes. The plan will be to do the course of IV meds at home. We are old pros at that.

Thanks for thoughts, prayers, good energy, all of it. She needs deep sleep, a calm heart, weight gain, and a perfect-match lung transplant!


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30 thoughts on “MAY 5 — Update”

  1. Sending positive and healing thoughts straight to Caitlin today. Keep us all posted on her progress. Give her a huge (gentle) hug from me. What a horrible ordeal the unnecessary evacuation was. That just makes me angry more than anything. Love to you all!!! ❤

  2. Caitlin we are praying everyday for you that you will get your new lungs and be healthy. You deserve this because you are an inspiration to us all in the way you have gone about your life. lots of love, Dan and Marian. Love you to bits xxxxxx.

  3. Much love and best wishes for Caitlin’s regained strength. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Sorry you are so far away. bobbi May 5

  4. Will be right alongside all your friends and family. Know there are many more than you know praying, thinking positive thoughts and admiring yours and Caitlin’s epic courage. May Caitlin’s healing be swift. Sending love to you, Caitlin and your entire family, Deborah Henry

  5. Caitlin- sending positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family. You always amaze me with your strength. I wish there was something I could do- for now I’ll send all the positive energy I can. Take care.

  6. Our prayers are with Caitlin and you. We hope that Caitlin can get a lot of rest over the coming days. Sydney and I will check in with Nick to make sure he has dinners ( If he is at home in Ashland). Our love to you all.

  7. Caitlin, I think about you every day and I am so sorry for the pain you are enduring. I wish I could help you and I hope and pray that your transplant comes through soon. XO

  8. Sending as much love and positive thoughts and prayers as I possibly can.. Xoxo Sent from my iPhone


  9. Thank you for sharing your update. Your family’s remarkable courage rings in each word. How ever did Caitlin manage those flights of steps? I pray her perseverance meets with perfectly-matched lungs.

  10. Praying for you & so sorry for all you’ve been through! Hang in there:). Much love, Mary Ellen

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