May 27 – The Start of Summer, & Waiting


We’ve been getting  a lot of questions that make us realize that the average person doesn’t realize just how scarce organs are. But scarcity is why people wait so long, and generally have to be far sicker than they need to be before surgery. Last year, donations of all organs were, unfortunately, down in the United States.

I’ve been an organ donor since the day I received my first driver’s license at age 16. Donation has always made complete sense to me, and now that we are on the needing end, I can’t imagine the trauma of knowing that there would be no hope if transplantation was not an option, if organ donation did not exist.

Many years ago, we lost Nick’s brother Willie to a brain aneurysm. A young man that stood tall and seemingly healthy was with us one morning, gone by evening.  Willie had a one-year old daughter. His wife was pregnant with their son. The only positive thing that came out of that awful tragedy was that seven people were saved and helped via the gift of life from Willie.

From the Mayo Clinic, here is some comforting talk about the myths of organ donation:

You have to make a bit of an effort to be a donor, but only a bit. Here’s how:

❤ First, sign up with your state’s donor registry:

❤ Designate your decision on your driver’s license.

❤ Tell your family about your decision. It’s important that they know your wishes.

❤ Tell your physician and friends.

❤ Include donation in your will, etc.

The first step is vital, and you can do it right now.




Author: kittenupdates

I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

6 thoughts on “May 27 – The Start of Summer, & Waiting”

  1. I’ve always been a donor but now am registered in New England . Great info. Thanks xoxo Sent from my iPhone

  2. Keeping Caitlin in my thoughts. Learned about her through Kate and haven’t stopped thinking of her since. My Dad received a new heart in 2003 (still going strong!) and we donated our 20 year old son’s organs in 2010 after he took his life. We’ve since met one of his kidney recipients and have had written contact with the recipients of his lungs and liver. I just gave one of my kidneys anonymously on Dec 19th because I could. I’ve since met the 23 year old young man – what a wonderful moment.

    I believe so intensely in organ donation. I truly believe that it is the ONLY choice to be made.

    Will keep following Catilin’s story and can’t wait to read that her new lungs have been found. I will silently send a hug to the family of that donor to have the strength, when it’s time, to make the right choice….to give the gift of life.

    Hallie Twomey

  3. Thank you for letting me know about this blog. I had no idea that your daughter was starting the process for a transplant – what an emotional roller coaster you all must be on. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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