MARCH 11 — Our Beloved Henry

Oh, I do not like crying. I do not like that my eyes are raw from the constant salt in them. I also don’t like bearing sad news, but I must share that this week brought some new grief. We lost our beloved Henry to acute renal failure.

Henry had been on a special diet for kidney disease, first spotted last August. But he was doing really well for his age.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 9.39.09 AM
August, 2017

About two weeks ago, he stopped eating anything but the little bits of protein that were allowed in his food. It got to the point, this past week, where I let him eat a little more protein, because he was an old dog and — what else can you do?

Also, this past week, we had a couple of nor’easters here in MA. We never lose power because our house is on the police and fire grid here in town. But 12 hours into no heat or electricity on Thursday, we decided to spend the night in Caitlin’s apartment in Boston.

Once there, Henry started to deteriorate by the hour. I told a friend that the process felt like a gathering snowball. At 2am, I was up for good with him, cleaning him, wrapping him in a soft fleece blanket. I was able to hold him in the crook of my arm, sitting in Caitlin’s “spot” on her sofa, all through the night. And that felt very fitting, and peaceful.

Nick and I both got to hold and comfort him at the end. He knew he was beloved.

He brought so much joy to our life and to Caitlin’s. I’ve spent the last hour going through thousands of photographs and I’m reminded of all the incredibly happy years we’ve had, and that is a good thing.

Here is a photo of the last time Caitlin and Henry were together. She was not yet in the ICU. I had just helped her take a shower, and we’d brought Henry in for a visit.

November, 2016

It was a happy day.

He adored her.

In Pittsburgh

Her last post on Instagram, her 333rd, was on Election Day, 2016 — a funny photo of Henry.

And for a bit of her great sense of humor, here is a link to the separate Instagram account she set up for Henry. She knew she was late to the game, regarding funny animal accounts, but she had a lot of fun with it. Click: That Pup Henry


Henry O’Hara. February 2, 2004 – March 9, 2018

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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

16 thoughts on “MARCH 11 — Our Beloved Henry”

  1. I was so saddened to hear about the newest angel. I remember how cute he was when Abbey Mia and I met both of you at Cathy’s at her Bichon Bash where they represented the Yorkies. I believe that he is back in Caitlin’s arms and hope that is of some comfort to you.


    elaine and abbey mia

  2. Oh Lord…I’m so sad to hear this…Caitlin will take it from doubt about it..all my love to you Nick and Maryanne ❤💔💔

  3. Oh Maryanne and Nick – I am SO sorry to hear about Henry. 😢 I know how much you, and Caitlin, loved him. I like to think they’re reunited somewhere wonderful. Hugs to you both.

  4. I’m so sorry about the loss of sweet, loyal Henry Maryanne. What a gift he has been to you all. Xoxo

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  5. So sorry to learn about the loss of charming little Henry. I too feel like I’ve come to know him through your words and Caitlin’s adoration of the darling pup.

  6. Maryanne and Nick, I’m so sorry to hear that little Henry has passed.
    You certainly provided him with a wonderful life, and he always knew how much he’s loved. When you had to let him go Caitlin was there to pick him up. I’m sure they’re thrilled to be back together again.

    Love and peace to you

  7. Oh,no!!! I’m so sorry to hear about Henry! My heart continues to go out to you both and my prayers for your continued strength and endurance under so many trying circumstances.

    With all sincerity,
    Cheryl Sullivan

  8. Oh, Maryanne. How sad. Your note brought back memories from when we put our old, beloved cocker spaniel to sleep. One of the saddest days of my life. It is so hard losing a pet…



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  9. So sorry you lost this beloved little pup. I think of you so often. Your brave heart is shining all the way from Boston. Sending love to you.

  10. I am so sad to hear your sad news about Henry Please know my thoughts and prayers are with You and your family

    💕🙏🏻 Ann Marie ————— 508-641-4216

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