JULY 10 — The Miracle of Video

In the past hour, I’ve heard from a few people who said how nice it was to read Caitlin’s words, to “hear” her.

I’m going to share a few snippets of iPhone video here.  I often think that not long ago, people didn’t even have photographs of loved ones. All they had were drawings (if they were lucky) and memory. These are comforting when I can bear to view them. 

*Click HD in the lower right corner to enable HD quality.

Most of the videos are of Kitten joking around. She had a great sense of humor.

The next one was a year ago, at the Andy Warhol Museum. We both did “Andy’s Screen Test,” where you stare into a camera for 3 minutes. Playback is 4 minutes.

This was the first go. For some reason, Caitlin decided she wanted to go back and do a second one. She let her hair down and then, seemingly presciently, threw off her oxygen and smiled at the very end. We used the entire four minutes to conclude the tribute film


Pretending to be an old washer-woman, at our apartment in Pittsburgh. This was the fifth take. She kept laughing.


More joking around:

6 thoughts on “JULY 10 — The Miracle of Video

  1. I love seeing all your comments,videos,pictures. I did not know you or Caitlin,but I do know your sister Kate. All I know is your daughter was very fortunate to have a mom like you . To live her life through you is something that I read and look at and see how beautiful it was. Thank you.

  2. Although these are heart wrenching to watch it’s a blessing to have them.

    I was in awe the 1st time I watched Caitlin’s Andy Warhol video. How could she sit looking so serious for that long without cracking up? That took real self discipline.

    Think of you, Nick, and Caitlin every day. How’s little Henry?
    ❤️❤️❤️. ❤️

  3. I LOVE seeing Caitlin, hearing her voice and her laugh. Caitlin has an incredible and intelligent sense of humor. I love Henry hiding in her robe. I’ll never forget she taught me the phrase when referring to Henry that he was “so pupping cute”. I still use that to this day. I miss her.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Caitlin with us all and to have the videos is so wonderful and special. I wish I had them for my lovely mum and dad. I do however have them for my kitty R.B. who just died and they are cherished by me. I think often of you and Nick but especially of your daughter. When I feel that I cannot go on, I think of her and somehow summon the strength that is within me. I am so grateful that you continue to write this blog. Wishing you all peace and a special hug for Henry.

    With Love,

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