APRIL 7–Paris Is Always a Good Idea

A couple of comments I received yesterday:

“Thank you for sharing more stories of Caitlin’s amazing life. I think once again of when you told us she tipped generously so that’s what I have been doing whenever I go out to eat. It is fun and I think of Caitlin when I do.”

“It’s funny, I think of her when I tip now, or donate. I’ve always been generous but now I’m over the top. Thank you for that.”

I love that. So much.

I’ve had some occasions, in the past few months, when I’ve gone over the top myself, and each time, I’ve felt like it wasn’t my doing at all, but Caitlin saying, go back and give her some money! Or Make his day!

Everyone’s been asking about Andrew and Jess. After Kenya, Andrew traveled to Vietnam. He’s teaching there for a while, figuring things out. This is a favorite dish of his:

Bun Ca = Fish Noodle

Jess has been traveling a lot, as well. Every 3 weeks she goes home to San Francisco for her treatment, then takes off again.

She’s figuring things out, too.

As are we, though we are home now.

We were in Florida last week. Every time we asked Kitten for a sign, we got one, to the point that we were laughing. Here are a few pics. (I’ll explain the hawks one of these days…)


She would be cackling.





This was actually in Boston, before we left. xo


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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

9 thoughts on “APRIL 7–Paris Is Always a Good Idea”

  1. I always start my comment my saying I didn’t know Caitlin and only learned of her via online posts during your time in Pittsburgh; however, your posts have enriched my life. They have made me more mindful and also more aware of SIGNS….they are there, and appear when most needed…..you just need to look. My Mom is close in my heart always but I have seen more signs of her than ever since my awareness was heightened via your posts about sweet Caitlin. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  2. I love following your posts… happiness and sadness together…. but always a shining star..

  3. Signs, from near and very near. I was reading your blog that you posted from Florida that day. You mentioned reggae music playing in the background. Before I had read the blog I was thinking of Caitlin and as I read your blog I was sitting on our vacation veranda in Jamaica as reggae music wafted from local jerk chicken club! I did a double read.

  4. I always check to see if you have left a new posting and hope you have. I think that I am running out of things to tell you how much your writing means to me and how much I appreciate getting to know your wonderful daughter. I truly believe that I am getting to know Caitlin and I am grateful for it all. So for tonight, I will simply say , thank you.


  5. I have been following Caitlin’s’ journey from the beginning. I’m always inspired and my “heart smiles” whenever I read your posts (I’ve even created a “Kitten” folder in my email just to go back and read them again). Caitlin is one busy kitty sending signs and love all over!! 🙂

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