DECEMBER 20–O.R. Revolving Door

The team just rounded. A chest tube on Caitlin’s left side is draining a bit more than Dr. D’Cunha likes. “She’s not unstable but I need to take a look. Clean her out.”

Last night, he said she would have a standing slot in the OR, every day for a while, in case they need to go in like this.

Thanks, Syd, for this. Made me laugh.

She’s still critical and will be for a while. In the red zone, as Andrew says.

We all feel the prayers, the intentions, the healing energy, the Buddhist chants, the love, all of it. All of it. Thank you, thank you.


PS. Happy birthday, Uncle Fun Fun.

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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

35 thoughts on “DECEMBER 20–O.R. Revolving Door”

  1. There really is lots of love and hope in the world. Although I’ve never met you and Caitlin, Nick has channeled you whenever we’ve been around him. We are so looking forward to meet you both when Caitlin gets back to MA as we know in our hearts she will. You are all models of incredible strength and intense faith and love.

  2. That visual of the cat says everything I know about not only transplants and hospitals but life. Stay strong Caitlin and sending love to you all. Adding some Buddhist chants to my wishes today. xxx

  3. Sending all positive thoughts your way. My brother went through a seven-month stint in hospital two years ago and I remember the 3 to 4 OR trips per week all too well. I learned to stand in awe of our bodies and their ability to withstand and to heal from all the interventions. Much love, Sharon

  4. Thank you for keeping us up to date…Caitlin has many many new friends that are praying for her now!!! Sending love to you all!

  5. I am so thankful that the team there is taking such wonderful care of Caitlin. Especially Dr. D’Cunha…sounds incredibly dedicated and comforting. So glad he is on the case. Lots and lots of love being sent your way from us today. xoxo

  6. Rounding up all of the Saints. This morning, I’m asking St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, to pray over Caitlin, Maryanne, Nick, her extended family and dear friends, and the brilliant medical team.

    Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Savior. By your power with your most pure daughter and with her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness of our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

    Much love, hope and hugs… xoxo Mo

  7. Candles still radiating healing,love, and light to you all. That cute little kitty is a great metaphor and reminds us that sometimes humor is the best medicine. ❤️🙏❤️🙏

  8. So glad Caitlin is receiving such wonderful medical care and sensitivity for all of you. It is a rare combination to have one person with the skills at the level required for Caitlin and the ability to make communicate with you in a caring manner.
    Know that my prayers continue at least once an hour every waking hour. Yorkie puppy kisses times three being sent to all of you, including Henry.

  9. Prayers, love, hugs, support, positive
    energy and kisses for Henry🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🐶

  10. Sending all positive thoughts for that revolving door visit. I’d like to say that never having met any of you, I do take comfort in reading others’ comments and when there isn’t a new post I catch up on the comments.

  11. I hadn’t seen that Kaitlin was transplanted until today! What wonderful news!
    I will continue to pray as it seems she has a long road to go. Praying for you and all your family

  12. Praying for your daughter and all the L’s (Lungs, Liver, Legs) as my single focus each day. May her recovery be the miraculous spark that creates new miracles for others in 2017! And may the awareness you have raised about organ donation save many, many more lives for decades to come. – a well wisher in San Francisco

  13. Today is the first time I have heard or read about Caitlin. What a true warrior. What a beautiful angel sent to all of us to be reminded that life is beautiful. May our Heavenly Father bring blessings upon this young woman. May He give her a bounty of strength. May He bless the hands of her doctors. May He bring everlasting peace and support to her family. May her recovery be swift and maybe, just maybe, I will have to chance to meet her in person. Much love from a stranger who believes.

  14. Although Caitlin’s situation is still critical, it must offer you some comfort knowing that Dr. D’Cunha is so totally committed to Caitlin’s care — holding an OR for her, etc. She certainly is in blessed hands.

    There can be no greater love than that of a parent for their child, and you two are a beautiful testament to that. That said, you guys really need to get some rest. I don’t know how you’re functioning. You two don’t have the “luxury” of getting sick.

    Prayers around the clock, around the country…those on Caitlin’s prayer list checking in (at least) twice daily for updates. WE ARE STORMING HEAVEN with prayers for Caitlin to live the happy and healthy life she deserves.

    Paula ~ xo

  15. Caitlin strong
    I can’t stop thinking about Caitlin and you and your family. I find myself saying little prayers all day. Keep up the fight and stay strong ❤️

  16. My family & I are praying for Caitlin’s recovery … we know some of your experience because I received a double-lung transplant at UPMC, also at the age of 33 … 22 years ago. My transplant surgery was done on United Nations Day, October 24th, 1994. At that time there were no lung allocation scores, the criteria were time on the list, blood type and size. When a patient became critical, doctors talked with other centers, to help in finding the best recipient for each donation.

    Maryanne, you mentioned someone’s thoughtless comment .. sadly those are ubiquitous. I remember a surgical resident coming into ICU while I was still intubated, looking at my chart, looking at me, looking at my chart … back and forth, finally saying, “You know you’re not supposed to be doing so well.” I wasn’t expected to survive, due to a ball of aspergillous (fungus) found in my right native lung … I was later told they debating letting me die in the OR, if they could have given the lungs to someone else – fortunately for me, there wasn’t time to bring in another patient and prep them for surgery.

    My donor was a 53-yo special education teacher from West Virginia … I worried that the older lungs wouldn’t work well, but they have been magnificent.

    When I received my ‘call’, I was a patient at Johns Hopkins hospital where I was also listed for transplant. My Mom, an RN, had taken a leave of absence from work to care for me … she flew with me in a small plane from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, along with an advanced life support EMT team.

    In January 1993, when I was evaluated for UPMC’s lung list, my FEV1 was 16% of predicted … which put me in the category of patients who die before transplant. But every patient is unique, and the tenacious will to live is an incredible assist. Caitlin has that tenacity.

    Best of luck throughout the recovery & transitional time ahead. If you all, or Caitlin would like to hear from someone with lots of experience, pls email me & I’ll try to assist. And God bless Caitlin, you, Nick, Andrew, et al … it is an amazing gift of love to share unpleasant times.

  17. Maryanne, Caitlin and Team,
    I am “obsessively” following your journey and admire the strength, grace, and optimism that you have shown. You are an inspiration (even though I’m sure you wish you didn’t have to be)! I am sending positive energy from VA. My mother was at Presby in 2014 and was deemed to need a heart transplant, but was too sick for consideration. Her heart miraculously recovered and she was ultimately discharged (without transplant) with oral meds and a new lease on life. I look forward to the day that Caitlin walks out those doors, with her new Harry Potter lungs, and rejoins her entire family in Boston, breathing a deep, full sigh of relief!
    I am a carrier for CF and had the fear that my child would be born with the disease. My husband is not a carrier, so our son was not born with this disease, but was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 2. We all have our struggles (ours does not compare to yours and I’m not implying that it does). We can only hope that we handle what life throws at us with half the humor, resilience, and grace that you have. Thank you for raising awareness for CF, organ donation, and so courageously sharing your experience.

  18. Maryanne – I asked a dear friend to pray for Caitlin. She had stage 3 cancer and there was not much hope…but she has a deep faith and prayed to hers Saint. It’s been over 2 years and she is still holding her own. Here is her reply to me. “My heart broke in reading about Caitlin’s sad medical journey with fighting Cystic Fibrosis !!!!She’s on my prayer list, and I’ll go to the St.George Cathedral in Htfd. and lite a special candle to our St. Nactarios (one of my favorite saints of our church).He was a miracle healer and during the rough times of my cancer treatments it’s St Nectarios who was my miracle healer.”
    I hope her prayers to St. Nactarios will work miracles for Caitlin. ❤️🙏

  19. This journey really hits much too close to home. Sending lots of positive vibes for healing and calm, to Caitlyn and you all.

  20. I have been following Caitlin’s story since I was asked to help in the search for new lungs. You are an amazing family. Honest, positive, realistic and hopeful. That is who I would want st my bedside. My heart breaks for your loss. But know that those lungs in Caitlin’s body likely gave her peace to know humanity came through for her. Prayers to you and your family in your time of grief.

  21. We are sending all of you our prayers and well wishes for Caitlin’s complete and quick recovery and health. Merry Christmas and a HEALTHY 2017 !!! God Bless you all.

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