DECEMBER 19–3:50am

Caitlin has come out of the OR to her room at the ICU where the team is working to keep her stable. Right now, her biggest problem is her liver. It’s not functioning and needs support. The liver can take a lot of trauma and turn around so we have to hope that’s going to happen here. We can’t have a failing liver, or she will fail.

Her chest is open and covered with a rubber membrane because of the swelling. In a few hours, they will take her back to the OR to clean this area up a bit.

She’s got a lot of swelling and bruising.

So: lungs, heart, kidneys are okay and manageable.

LIVER needs all the help it can get.

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I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

29 thoughts on “DECEMBER 19–3:50am”

  1. Praying for her liver function and for the swelling to subside. Guidance for the surgical team and for you and Nick. πŸ™πŸΌ Love and prayers xo

  2. Thank you for the updates…

    Come on Caitlin 🌞🌞
    Sending you all our love and hugs and prayers xxxx

  3. Praying for Caitlin and sending love to all. Blessings to Caitlin’s care team as they guide her through these next steps.

  4. Praying hard for all of you and harnessing all of the strength and positivity that is possible. This is a fight like none other and she will get through it . come on Caitlin!!!! XOXO

  5. We continue to pray and send love. are So happy she’s finally in this part of the journey after two years of waiting.

  6. Maryanne and Nick, we’re all with you in spirit as Caitlin fights for her life. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed and exhausted you must feel at this time. You have all my hopes and prayers and love — Liz

  7. Picturing a functioning liver for Caitlin and sending all the positive thoughts and prayers I can to her, strength to the medical team, and hope for all of you.

  8. Praying for her liver to get stronger and stronger…she will get through this, I just know it! Love and hugs to you as you support her…I know you need prayers, too! xo

  9. This is from an email I received from Caitlin on March 4, 2016:

    “i just got these packages from you. oh beecher, thank you so much. i am so touched to receive these and to see Lucy’s face on that CD. I cannot wait to listen, and it comes at a very good time. It has been a difficult week mentally and physically. Thank you so much for giving me some of Lucy’s love.

    These t shirts are so perfect too, so soft. It’s actually kind of funny – I was just talking to my mom yesterday about how purple was the color to tap into, for healing. Sometimes my mom does reiki on me (have I told you that?) and in the past, during reiki or during other healing sessions or massage, I can get to the point where I see washes of purple when I close my eyes. It doesn’t always happen. When i do, is when I feel most ‘tapped in’ and I get the most out of whatever is happening. It feels most relaxed, most healing. I have read about ‘seeing purple’, and how it is healing (some say it is seeing through your third eye) and have felt lucky that it happens to me. So in my eyes, purple is the perfect color for this t shirt.”

    Sending so much love, prayers, and washes of purple light for your amazing girl. Love, prayers and more purple light are being sent to Caitlin’s liver, her beautiful new lungs and to the wise and compassionate Dr. Jonathan D’Cunha.

    xox, and so much love, Beecher

  10. Love, prayers, strength and blessings to you Caitlin and your familyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  11. Dear Maryanne, thanks for your continuing updates over the past day. I have recognized for some time now what a courageous and determined young woman Caitlin is, but I also firmly believe that in arduous situations like this, being surrounded by the absolute love that you all have shown throughout this process plays a big role in sustaining that courage and determination. Keep up the good work!

    With warmest thoughts and prayers,


  12. The Weden’s continue to pray hard for Caitlin, and that her new lungs will bring her many years of life, and that her liver will start working soon.

  13. I am praying for Caitlin. I know she has a great team! My father was on the lung transplant list last year, at this same time, with this wonderful group from UPMC. Unfortunately, his heart gave out before he could get a lung. He was strong and was a fighter just as Caitlin seems to be. I believe in Gods plan and the power of prayer. So I send my prayers to your family and to the many great surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff
    at UPMC and especially Caitlin on this magical journey. Merry Christmas to you!

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