DECEMBER 17–A Bits & Pieces Update

Caitlin’s holding steady, but her liver is causing problems, bilirubin rising. She’ll soon have her third bag of acetadote which they’re using to try and combat this. I also emailed Caitlin’s brilliant Boston acupuncturist, Marcy, to ask what points I could possibly work on. When I took a long Q-tip and started massaging the left ear point, Caitlin made an “ouch” face—the first physical reaction in two days.

Jess and Nick and I are working those points frequently.

Her 4am labs showed lactate levels also rising, possibly due to lack of oxygenation in the tissues and worrisome, but the late morning labs had them trending down, slightly.

Last night, a Boston TV station aired Caitlin’s story. Nick and our dear friend Laura Kelly did a great job. Thanks to Jess for getting the pictures to the reporters who worked on the story and were so very compassionate.

WordPress seems to be having some embedding problems, so click here to view the story if it doesn’t show up as embedded:

This is just a screenshot of the clip, not a link:



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16 thoughts on “DECEMBER 17–A Bits & Pieces Update”

  1. Maryanne and Nick, I’m thinking of you all constantly and wishing Caitlin the best of luck and the best of care. I sent Susan’s message to everyone in my e-mail address book and asked them all to do the same — a bunch of people wrote me back and said that they had. I wish I could do more, but you have all my thoughts and prayers — Love, Liz

  2. Thank you for sharing Maryanne & Nick. Praying continuously for Caitlin and all of you to keep the strength you need to get through. God Bless!🙏

  3. Maryanne, I’m not sure if you remember me. I grew up a few houses down from you on Purchase St. I’ve been following your blog, sharing and praying for your precious daughter. I will continue to pray that God can provide a donor and guide the hands and minds of the medical staff caring for her. I pray that you and your husband can finally be at peace once Caitlin receives her lungs. Hugs to you.
    Debbie Sesona Francesconi

  4. Praying constantly for wellness and stability and a good match ASAP. Thank you for the updates. I am in awe of what magnificent care you are all taking of her. Sending Caitlin’s caregivers continued strength and wellness, calm, confidence and positivity. This is a team effort.

  5. Nick and MaryAnne and Caitlin ,
    We met a couple times here in STJ .
    All myprayers headed your way

    Sincerely Capt Kevin McKinney

  6. I saw that in Fox 25. Wonderful, if sad story. They did a good job. Also posted on FB. Continued prayers for Caitlin and you all. What courageous warriors you all are. XO

  7. Doug and I just watched the TV clip and are just sitting here thinking about you all and hoping hoping hoping… I can’t read any of your posts without crying for you – I don’t know how you are getting through this – yes I do – you have no choice and you have love. Adding ours to the seas of it. xxxxx

  8. We saw the segment on Fox news in Boston. It was very poignant. I hope it brings awareness and perfect lungs. Nick, you were a moving spokesperson. We are praying.

  9. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻we are all praying for you Caitlin.
    Maryanne and Nick please keep hope and faith. Stay strong for your beautiful daughter and yourselves.
    💖💖💖Nicolina Sabatini

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