DECEMBER 14 — Update

Hello friends. Sorry for the delay in posting. We are trying to keep Caitlin stable so that she is ready for transplant. Yesterday was hard as there were a few setbacks but we are sitting by her side. Jess is here. Please send all of the love and positive intention possible.

– Maryanne, Nick & Andrew

Author: kittenupdates

I am the author of CASCADE and LITTLE MATCHES: A Memoir of Grief and Light

37 thoughts on “DECEMBER 14 — Update”

  1. Am praying all during the day, every day, for acceptable lungs to arrive. Sending love, along with our prayers to the five of you from the four of us. elaine, abbey mia, harper and piper

  2. Bob and I have been watching and waiting for your updates every day. We continue to pray for all of you and have tried to spread awareness through every avenue possible. Love You,

  3. Maryanne,

    Rest assured that Caitlin and all of you are in my thoughts, along with all of us in the FPG, at this trying time. I appreciate the courage and determination that it takes for you to keep everyone informed as you have been doing these past couple of weeks. I think I now understand where Caitlin gets her spunk!

    With warmest wishes and deepest care,


  4. You are all constantly on my mind. I am on the Cape today…sent some love on a nice salty ocean breeze…praying so hard for Caitlin. ❤️❤️❤️ -Mo

  5. Praying night and day for Caitlin. Especially to Saint Theresa, who asks Jesus to send miracles. PLEASE sweet Jesus send a miracle to Caitlin .

  6. Sending so much love to you all and for the beautiful powers that be to provide stability and strength to receive her new lungs! So many are praying!!!

  7. Never stop thinking of you all and still praying during my work time. Caitlin is on my mind all the time, Positive thoughts and prayers. May God bless you all. xxx

  8. Thinking everyday morning and night about you! Sending love light and positive vibes these lungs arrive! Love always

  9. Maryanne-
    I hope you, Nick, Caitlin, and Andrew feel all the love, thoughts and positive energy from back in New England. So many people are praying for your strength and a perfect pair of lungs for Caitlin. #caitlinstrong

  10. Thinking of you all. May God look after Caitlin in his own gentle way. Praying for a healthy set of lungs soon. ❤️ Ann Marie

  11. I sent Bob as a messenger of our love for you, I think he afraid Nick would not want him to go, so I said , you’ve got 2 options: either you get on that plane or I will. Sometimes you have to get tough with these men of ours ! Love to all

  12. Hello Maryanne, Nick & Andy
    What is the Geographical area that Caitlyn can get transplant lungs from?
    Is it the area she is from, New England, or the Mid-Atlantic area where her medical center is. I was as spooked as you were to hear from your blog that even though Caitlyn is the sickest person in the US needing lungs she doesn’t get first dibs across the whole US! The only way outside her area is a direct donation or if Dr outside her area doesn’t have a need for the offered lungs for their patients. It is more than controversial I’d call absurd!

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