APRIL 8: And the Weather Is Nice

hen bath

A lot of people have been kind enough to ask how Caitlin is doing, and how the process is going, but like most things in life, everything takes longer than you expect. That long transplant “health maintenance” checklist I mentioned? Ticking it off leaves a lot of room for hold-ups and delays, glitches and bumps. It’s similar to putting on an addition and having the plumber hold up the plasterer, the floor guy, the painter, and everybody else. The details are not worth mentioning, but we are hoping for the listing to happen soon, and have faith that everything will happen when it’s meant to happen. Meanwhile, Caitlin’s been trying to reconnect with her friends in the city. She’s able to do a bit more as she gets used to using oxygen 24/7—she and Andrew have actually been able to go out to dinner a few times, and that has made her very happy. Also, she found a beautiful Elizabeth & James bag that seems as if it was custom-made to fit her tank and a few necessities, and carrying that makes her feel a little better about it.  Sometimes a little vanity is good for the spirits.

She stopped IV medicines last week, so regardless of the transplant stuff, she’s just trying to stay stable.

It was 67 degrees here in Boston today so that made the whole city happy, including us. Also, she’s looking forward to the new Mad Men season because she now lives for passive entertainment. She’s currently reading Primo Levi, and we are both looking forward to seeing the new Wes Anderson movie.

Oh, and big highlight of last week: giving Henry a bath.


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One thought on “APRIL 8: And the Weather Is Nice”

  1. So happy to hear that Caitlin is doing better and as always thinking of you all. BTW – was it Henry’s highlight of the week??

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