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Soon after CASCADE was published, our family was plunged into a medical crisis when our daughter Caitlin, who lived with the genetic disease cystic fibrosis, experienced a rapid worsening of her respiratory health. She required oxygen 24/7. She needed a lung transplant. Thus began three years of living in twilit limbo as she waited—far too long—for the call that seemed like it would never come. I wrote about this, briefly and occasionally, on this blog.

Caitlin got her transplant, finally, but it was too late. Because of organ donation rules combined with general scarcity, she’d had to wait 2 1/2 years, longer than her body could endure. We lost her in December of 2016.

Life without her has been excruciating and heightened and there has been great confusion and also great clarity. When you lose what’s most important to you, pretty much everything else falls away and you’re left with the fact of yourself, still existing in a world that must make sense if you’re to continue living in it.

I temporarily put away the novel I had been writing and wrote a memoir about her life, my life, this life of beauty and uncertainty that we are all part of.

I hope that when the book enters the world, it will find many readers who will be strengthened and inspired by it.


At the CASCADE launch party

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