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SEPTEMBER 23–A Reprieve


That little back door.

We haven’t posted since July because there’s been little to say until now. Nothing’s changed for Caitlin but UPMC is having a bit of a crisis—mold in the cardio-thoracic ICU and elsewhere in the hospital that may have contributed to the tragic deaths of some transplant patients.

Until they get the problem under control, UPMC is suspending transplantation. We are going to take this totally unexpected opportunity to go home and breathe a little New England air for a few days.  Hopefully, UPMC will be up and running soon, at which point we will come back here to resume our  wait.

Caitlin and I have not been home since we drove here on December 15, and she’s feeling well enough to make the trip, so we are thankful to be able to turn a bad situation into something positive. I can’t tell you how much we look forward to seeing that welcoming back door flung wide open by Nick, the reluctant bachelor…. And we can’t WAIT to see how Henry reacts, since he hasn’t been home in almost 7 dog years~~!

There's no place..

There’s no place..

We’re grateful, too, that Caitlin will be returning to a safer UPMC environment. And do hope that the mold didn’t cause the deaths of those people. An all-around terrible situation. For more information on the mold: