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DECEMBER 19–Christmas in Pittsburgh

Here we are in Pittsburgh! All is well. We’ve settled in to our apartment. Christmas Eve will mark 8 months of waiting on the transplant list. And now marks a year since Caitlin has been in need of one. Last December, she bought herself a tree, brought it home, and decorated it—-then caught the virus that “broke the camel’s back.”  The tree was beautiful! Here it is:


We arrived in Pittsburgh on Monday. The city is festive and our apartment is comfortable. Caitlin and Andrew decorated the tree.  For the first time, we have colored lights, but this is a different kind of Christmas, Caitlin says, and it’s all about doing new things.


I can tell you that there is great relief in knowing that we are close to the hospital, and I no longer need to keep the emergency list of medical transport services with me at all times.

Happy holidays to everyone! I’ll post some photos of Pittsburgh in the coming days. It’s an interesting place.


DECEMBER 8–Packing for Pittsburgh

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.42.54 PM

Anyone who knows us knows that GROUNDHOG DAY is a favorite family movie. We know every line, and even Henry is part of the act—he was born on February 2.  Caitlin and I were watching the movie a few weeks ago, and fell off our chairs with laughter when we realized that the opening segment (see above) clearly shows the apartment building where we will be living! Who would ever have thought??

We are getting ready to head there soon, to wait out the winter. The early snow and cold temps have made us a bit nervous; it’s best that we settle in before Christmas.

The furniture at our apartment was delivered last week. Everything is pretty much ready! We’re going to make the most of this adventure. Thanks for all the continued prayers, good thoughts, hellos, and help.