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The question we are hearing lately is, “Any news?” The answer is “No.” There’s no updating or anything that happens. You basically just wait for the phone call.

August 24 marked four months on the transplant list​. We are grateful that we were able to spend the summer here in Boston! We always tell ourselves that our situation could be a lot worse.

This month, we have to travel to Pittsburgh for Caitlin’s six-month checkup. Since she cannot fly commercially anymore, we have to make a road trip out of it. While we are there, we will look for a place to live, as we will have to relocate there once the bad weather comes.

Since we had to stay within that four-hour window to get to Pittsburgh, we were unable to go to any of our usual summer spots (We hope to see you next year Maine, Vineyard, Ireland). We did spend a weekend “on the water,” at an inn at the yacht haven on Boston Harbor. The weather was spectacular and our room had a spacious, comfortable deck. Look at the name of the boat that was tied up just outside!